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How To Make Folding Table Legs - Fold In Half Folding Table

How To Make Folding Table Legs

how to make folding table legs

    folding table
  • A folding table is a table with legs that fold up against the table top. This is intended to make storage more convenient and to make the table more portable.

  • (Folding tables) A trestle table is an item of furniture comprising two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or tabletop is placed.

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

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Defusing sorrow

Defusing sorrow

[20:15] ReQingMao Xue glances around but only sees the rather large box and frowning she backs away from it, figuring it is likely a bomb or something with the way her luck has been lately.

[20:16] Ayr Bosatsu rumbles about in the box. Mumbling, shaking it. Giving it a rattle. "Mrrrrruuuuuuuurrrgh...Tzwet, tzewt." Shaking it moreso 'til he finally took it to a madenning leevel he'd finally pop up from it - arms flung out, revealing his frankly weird self in a sneakingn suit for once. "Yoh!" Fires his hand into the air with a big ol' wave then a lazy salute. "Sojjur (soldier) Ayyyyur reportin' fer' duty."

[20:18] ReQingMao Xue's hand is over her mouth to keep herself from screaming by the time you fling the box off and salute her. She stares at you with a horrified expression until she realizes through the shock that it is actually you and that likely you won't be trying to kill her. "erm.. Hello AyR.. you seem.. um.. in an amused mood this evening."

[20:20] Ayr Bosatsu smiles broadly, his head tilting to the side amused with his shenanigans. "Evening Re. Do i have the title of your strangest customer yet? For that t'would make my day." Clasping his hands tightly behind his back he'd offer a few hopping skips in her direction, curiously sniffing at her. "I told you i'd be in disguise. It's been a long year since I wore this though. Found it a week or two ago in my old junk so," pats down his clothing with a nod. "Hellish to get in and out of though. Business?" Keens his head to her, "Mm, not a safe place down here to work. Very dark, dangerous."

[20:22] ReQingMao Xue giggles and shakes her head, the tension easing out of her. "Well yeah, but it is all on camera, so anyone would be stupid to do something here. Plus there are guards, you just can't see them." She winks at you and gestures towards the inside of the office, her head tilted a bit to the side as she watches you with curiousity.

[20:23] Ayr Bosatsu ambles on into the office with an odd gait, his tails tied and bundled into his trousers. Very. Awkwardly. "Ngh, you look good tonight. Question though," fires his hand in her direction - pointing to the thing 'bout her neck, "You don't strike me as a bondage kinda girl."

[20:25] ReQingMao Xue's posture stiffens and a hand comes up to cover the carbon band around her neck. "It was not put on by my choice, nor am I able to remove it without losing my head." She sighs and shrugs and moves over behind the desk though she really felt like sitting next to you and feeling your arms around her. "Right, so I did order a fair bit of food, I assumed some of it was for the Pack? Is that what your new order is for? Do you know what you want specifically?"

[20:27] Ayr Bosatsu taps his mask lip, getting a little too comfy on the chair - his legs coming beneath him as he crouched 'pon the leather. "Mm, comfortable. I had to deal with one of those, of those weird psychopaths in the city slapped one on jhud. I had to deactivate it, though I almost blew my own hand off in doing so." Wrings them out, simply thinking about the unpleasantry. "Most of it's for the pack. Some, however,"he'd raise a single digit, "Is for orphans and the Parish. Winter is here and with it christmas. Tis a good time to be doing good." Nods congenially, planting his hands on his legs. "Anything edible. Preferably un-tinned."

[20:30] ReQingMao Xue grins and nods. "Right, you tell me how much you wish to spend and I will order. Should I deliver it to the parish?" Her words sound the tiniest bit distracted and her eyes do not stay against your mask, instead wandering over your body, lingering in some places for a moment before sliding on to another.

[20:32] Ayr Bosatsu hums to himself, staring blankly out of the doorway a moment in silent though. The subtle buzzing of surging electricity had caught his attention, his ears flicking back and forth confused. "Well. I'm hoping to funnel money out of UAC's pockets and into my own so I guess my limits pretty" Smiles, looking back across the room to her. "Strange. For a woman with a death sentence around her neck you're so very calm."

[20:35] ReQingMao Xue's gaze drops to the screen and she shrugs slightly. "Either I will die or I will not, worrying over it will not alter the course of my fate." She writes a note and then looks back up to your mask. "Delivery to the Parish?"

[20:37] Ayr Bosatsu hops off his chair, "And that is where A.Y.R comes in. Or Ayr. However you c-ayr-e to say it." Skipping over to her desk he'd thunk down onto it with a broad grin. "You've surely read stories about Foxes protecting people undertheir watch; dispensing gifts 'n such. A loyal companion like a dog but with more fringe benefits." Leaning over he'd

Ser especial / Special being

Ser especial / Special being


Conta-se que um famoso palestrante comecou um seminario segurando uma nota de cem reais. Para as cerca de duzentas pessoas que se encontravam na sala, ele perguntou quem queria aquela nota de cem reais.

De imediato, varias maos comecaram a se erguer. Em verdade, todos, na sala, desejavam o dinheiro.

Entao, ele amassou a nota e perguntou outra vez quem desejava possui-la. As maos continuavam erguidas.

Ele tornou a amassar a nota um tanto mais. Depois de se encontrar bem amarrotada, ele a mostrou ao publico participante, repetindo a pergunta.

A situacao nao se alterou. Eles continuavam a querer a nota. E, agora, pareciam ansiosos, esperando que ele decidisse de uma vez por todas, quem a receberia.

Mas ele a colocou com cuidado sobre a mesa, procurando alisa-la, a fim de que melhorasse seu aspecto. Enquanto ia fazendo isso, lentamente, foi falando:

“O que acabamos de vivenciar nos deve servir de grande licao. Nao importa o que eu faca com o dinheiro, voces ainda irao querer esta nota, porque ela nao perde o valor.

Amarrotada, amassada, dobrada, envelhecida, enrugada, ela continuara a ter o mesmo valor, cem reais.

Pois bem. Em nossas vidas tambem ficamos um tanto amassados, amarrotados pelas desilusoes que nos permitimos, pelas dificuldades proprias da vida, pelo cansaco que vai tomando conta de nos.

As vezes nos dobramos ante o peso das dores que nos chegam. De outras, o pranto que derramamos pela perda financeira ou pelo abandono de um amigo, nos deixa com aspecto doentio, enrugado.

E como se nos permitissemos murchar pela dor que estamos vivendo.

Os anos pintarao marcas em nossas faces, alterando o brilho dos olhos e a maciez da pele. As maos perderao um pouco da sua flexibilidade e as pernas demorarao um pouquinho mais para a realizacao dos movimentos.

A nossa memoria podera nos pregar algumas pecas, ensejando-nos trocar nomes de pessoas, esquecer datas importantes ou fatos ocorridos.

De outras vezes podemos nos sentir como notas sujas, pelas decisoes erradas que tomamos. E quando o remorso chega e tenta se assenhorear de nossa mente.

Quando tudo isso acontece, nos sentimos desvalorizados, acreditamos que somos homens ou mulheres sem valor.

Mas, nao e verdade. Nao importa quanto estejamos sujos, maltratados, amarrotados, pisados, enrugados. Continuamos a ter valor. Um valor especial.”

Isto porque cada um de nos e especial. Somos Espiritos imortais e se, a caminho da perfeicao, passamos por pantanos, estradas solitarias e lamacais, ainda assim continuamos a ser especiais.

Apesar do que aparentemos, Deus prossegue a nos amar e estender, todos os dias, a estrada renovada da oportunidade.

Por isto, nao se desgaste, nem entre em depressao por descobrir que e uma pessoa com muitas falhas, que cometeu erros.

E sempre tempo de recomecar. Hoje e o melhor momento. Levante a cabeca. Tome a decisao. E mude.

Se praticou o mal, proponha-se a consertar o que for possivel, retificar as falhas. Acertar o roteiro.

Se esta magoado, ferido, desalentado, sacuda a poeira dos sentimentos que o deixam doente, observe o dia que nasce e consciente de que voce e especial, unico, adentre pelos caminhos que produzem contentamento, vontade de viver, alegria.

Por mais abandonado que voce se sinta, mais desventurado que creia se encontrar, nao existe ninguem sobre a Terra que nao possua alguem que o ame.

Pense nisso. E valorize isso. Pode ser o amor de uma mae, de um pai, o calor de um irmao. Pode ser a esposa, o esposo, o filho, um parente, um amigo.

Pode ate ser simplesmente um cao, um gato, um animal de estimacao.

Se por acaso voce descobrir que ninguem o ama, creia, acima e alem de todos, quem nos criou, quem criou voce o ama de forma incondicional.

Assim, espanque a tristeza. Acabe com o desanimo. Levante a cabeca e recomece a viver.

Lembre: hoje e o melhor dia de toda a sua vida. E voce e um ser muito, muito especial.

Text in English


There once was a famous key note speaker who started his lecture by holding a one hundred reais bill and asking the two hundred people audience spread around the room who wanted that bill.

Several hands started to pop up immediately. In fact, everyone in the room wanted that bill.

The speaker then creased the bill and once again asked the crowd who wished to have it. All hands were still raised.

He kept on creasing it a little more and after a while insisted on the same question.

The situation did not change. Everybody still wanted the bill, and now was looking forward to hearing the speaker’s decision on who would get it.

Nevertheless, he placed the bill on a table and carefully started to unfold it, trying to give it a better look. In this meantime he slowly started his speech

What we have just experienced shall be taken as great lesson by all of us. No matter what I do to the money bill you will still want it because it does not lose its value.

Even though it is c

how to make folding table legs

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